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According to the National Institute of Statistics, in our country, fertility has been on a downward trend.
Currently, the rate is 1.3 children per woman, one of the lowest values ​​in Europe. It is estimated that at this rate, in 2050, Romania will reach a population of only 14 million inhabitants, compared to about 19 million, as they are today. Reducing fertility and birth rates has a major impact on demographic age structure – “aging populations”. The potential economic effects of such a change are important: the contributions of the active population will decrease and the funds needed to support the elderly population will increase.
The use of assisted reproductive techniques in Romania is very low compared to other European countries if we look at performance indicators: number of ART cycles / procedures per million fertile women and number of newborn women by ART. ESHRE estimates the demand for treatment through Assisted reproduction at 1500 couples / 1 million inhabitants (ESHRE 2001). In Romania, the data are totally unfavorable. Instead of 18 million inhabitants x 1500 = 27,000 cycles / year Romania has 150 cycles / 1 million inhabitants = 2700 cycles / year, and many performed abroad.

First International Course organized by International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS)
  in collaboration with the Romanian Society of Reproductive Medicine brings to Iasi prestigious personalities from the field of Assisted Reproduction.
Professors Richard Kennedy, Mark Hamilton, Dominique de Ziegler, Edgar Mocanu, Virginia Bolton, Tina Buchholz, Paul Pirtea, together with specialists from Romania and Europe will present clinical cases and infertility testing and treatment standards promoted by IFFS.

We thank Dr. Paul Pirtea for his outstanding support for the International Federation of Fertility Societies and the Romanian Society of Reproductive Medicine.

Mircea Onofriescu, MD, PhD
President of the Romanian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
President of the Romanian Society of Reproductive Medicine

Bogdan Doroftei, PhD
CNR representative of Romania at ESHRE
Primary obstetrician-gynecologist, over-specialization reproductive medicine